AAA meetings

Ruby Rohrlich (rohrlich@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 20:05:12 -0500

I received a phone call today from someone working at the l9l9 Grill,
where some anthro-l folks will be meeting Thursday and Friday evenings
between 6 and 7. He confirmed that fact. The l9l9 Grill is on the lobby
floor of the Hilton; has 2 rooms, and we will be meeting in the
non-smoking room. Just ask for the table where the anthropologists on the
internet are gathering. I will be there definitely on Friday and tentatively
on Thursday. We will all welcome each other, and I'm looking forward to
pleasant surprises. Ciaou. Ruby Rohrlich.