Re: Anthro for nurses? Suggestions needed

Kathie Fegan (kfegan@MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU)
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 08:29:14 -0600

Pam & Greg,

There is a very good book edited by Pat Holden & Jenny Littlewood called
Anthropology and Nursing. It's published by Routeledge (29 West 35th
Street, NYC,NY 10001 / ISBN #: 0-415-00612-0).
The book is a compilation of 11 papers written by various anthropologists &
nurses. Topics vary b/t Ancient Nursing practices, cross-cultural nursing,
anthropology of nursing, etc.

Another good book to look at is Anthropology and Epidemiology:
Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Health and Disease. It's
edited by Craig Janes, Ron Stall & Sandra Gifford (D. Reidel Publishing

You may want to cross-post your query to the old Culture & Nursing list.
It's now called GLOBALRN. The address is GLOBALRN@ITSSRV1.UCSF.EDU

Good Luck!


Kathie Fegan

At 05:00 PM 11/14/95 EST, PamWilson/GregSmith wrote:
>I've been hired to teach an introductory "Culture and Society" course which has
>been made a required course in the curriculum for a local nursing school. This
>provides me with the challenge of designing a course which will cover the basic
>concepts of cultural anthro while at the same time being meaningful and
>relevant to the professional nursing practices of my students. I'm excited
>the possibilities (and applaud the medical profession for finally acknowledging
>the importance of our field to their practice!).
>However, I'm out of my area of expertise here. I've never taught medical
>anthropology (or even studied it in depth), so I too will be learning as I go
>along. I had to choose texts with about 3 days notice, so I've ordered
>Lindenbaum's "Knowledge, Power and Practice" and Jordan's "Birth in Four
>Cultures" as readers to supplement the Richard Robbins' cultural anthro
>they used previously.
>I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to structure the course, any types of
>assignments and class activities which might be helpful and effective, and
>especially any films or videos that any of you have found good for teaching and
>which might speak to issues relevant to cultural issues of health, healing,
>Oh yes--even though my students' books are ordered, if you have suggestions
>about anything I could read to incorporate into lectures, etc., that would be
>Thanks in advance,
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