Re: caribou and religion

Sun, 12 Nov 1995 09:54:00 PST

Reposting of a previous post and a reply:

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Elizabeth Mehlin (Stu) wrote:

> What kind of gods did the people have who hunted the caribou? My question
> comes from my research into the paleo indian who camped in Ipswich,
> Massachusetts 10,000 BP and hunted either the barren ground or the woodland
> caribou.
> Obviously, I am using the PC at work.
> Elizabeth G. Mehlin known as stu

I would suggest you start with Adrian Tanner's BRINGING HOME ANIMALS,
an ethnography of the Cree peoples, to get a handle on belief systems
of caribou hunters. Dr. Tanner provides many references that you
will find helpful in determining relevant contexts for your own work.


Another book would be Balickci's The Netsilik Eskimo. (The original question
seems to assume erroneously that there are "the caribou hunters" rather than
several groups of caribou hunters with different belief systems.)

D. Read