David Wason (a.mutch@BBCNC.ORG.UK)
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:56:20 +0000

I'm a British film-maker (not a Brit)who specialises in collaborating with
anthropologists for British television - for many years as the producer of
the Granada series (mis)titled DISAPPEARING WORLD and now for the BBC as well.

I've worked with many US based anthropologists - this year, for example,
with Karen McCarthy Brown (Drew), Andrew Strathern (Pittsburgh) and Peter
Whiteley (Sarah Lawrence).

Is there anyone on this list who would be interested in discussing or
proposing films concerning people with whom they have done fieldwork? I'll
be at the AAA next week from Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon.
This next year I'm particularly interested in minority (or embattled)
religions or belief systems. The BBC describe their interest as - I quote -
"what happens when they collide with the outside world."

If you're interested in discussing this next week, please contact me by
email ( - I'm last able to check it on Tues evening
British time, or leave me a message at the Hilton reception or the message

David Wason

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