Re: one mo' time...

Fri, 10 Nov 1995 09:41:56 +1200

>Anyone care to summarize our FINAL MEETING place, times, etc. for those
>of us going to AAA next week??
>Merry Bruns

To the best of my knowledge:

Friday at 6 a group of people are meeting in the Grille Room (?) at the
Hilton. Ruby has the list and has made a reservation. I assume that
people who want to join can still contact her, but that drop ins on the
night are out.

Thursday: there were only 3 people who said they wanted to meet then: John
McCreery (who is only a maybe), Adrienne Dearmas and me (Diane Bennett).
There really isn't enough critical mass to form the core of an open drop-in
thing like some of us were hoping for. A number of people said they
favored the open format, but no consensus on a time could be reached. I'm
still interested in meeting people and can't go on Fri. If there are at
least 3-4 to form a core we can still do Thurs and post something on notice
board (or maybe you, Merry, can coordinate through the press centre), or
phone me at the Hilton.

As to a late gathering, after the Gellner talk, only one person was enough
of a night owl to commit to that. And, of course, Gellner won't being
giving a talk (It is true that he died on 6 Nov, isn't it? Seems strange
I've only seen that 1 place so far). Again, call me if you're interested.

Did anything happen with the possibility of having a session about WWW?

Sorry for the indecisve answer. Getting ready to leave the dept for a
month at the end of teaching, in midst of move to new quarters, etc etc is
leaving me a zombie. I was running on adrenalin, but that gave out
yesterday morning. Hope to see some of you there.