CFP: Bad Mothers

Thu, 9 Nov 1995 13:24:51 EST


We are soliciting material for an anthology tentatively entitled
"`Bad' Mothers in America," to be published by New York University
Press in 1997. We are focusing on the late 19th and the 20th
century, and are seeking submissions from scholars in a range of
disciplines including history, psychology, popular culture, film and
literary criticism, and legal studies, as well as from journalists.
are also interested in case studies of women's experiences with
custody and/or social services.

Please contact us immediately if you are interested. The deadline
for papers is April 30, 1996.

Please reply privately to:

Molly Ladd-Taylor, History Dept., York University (Canada) at:

or send submissions and queries by snail mail to:

Lauri Umansky, Dept. of History, Suffolk University, 8 Ashburton
Place, Boston, MA 02108-2770 (phone: 617-646-1654)