Re: Atheistic religions -Reply

Tue, 7 Nov 1995 10:00:46 -0700

I'd like to clarify one part of Jay Kotlier's statement
on atheism and religion. It is true that Secular
Humanism was recognized as a religion by the
Supreme Court, but this is often misunderstood by
the public. The Secular Humanism in question was
an organized, incorporated church, headquartered
(if memory serves me) in California at the time. It is
now defunct. Some people (of the
"creation-science" persuassion usually)
misconstrue this recognition that there CAN be a
formal religion without the traditional trappings of
deity with having defined the philosophy of "secular
humanism" (say, of the Paul Kurz variety) as being
a religion (even if its adherants *don't* define
themselves as such).