Jehova literature (critical)

Torgrim Hoff (torgrim.hoff@IMA.UIO.NO)
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 17:38:31 +0100

=46rom CKI publishing, G=F6teborg, Sweden, obtainable trough nhovland@powert=
comes the following work on Jehovah=B4s witnesses:

Raymond Frantz "Chrisis of Conscience"

Raymond Frantz "In Search of Christian Freedom"
(Frantz is one of the great researches on the organization, working 15
years in the organization=B4s writers department)

Carl Olof Jonsson & Wolfgang Herbst "The Sign of the Last Days - when?"

James Penton "Apocalypse Delayed The Story of Jehovah=B4s Witnesses"
(professor emeritus in history and religion science in Lethbridge Canada,
fourth generation Witness till 1981, when he broke up with the sect as a
result of his research)

John Mitchell "Where is the =B4Great Crowd=B4Serving God?"
(Worked as a secretary for the governing council in JW till 1980 when he
left the Brooklyn headquarters. About the two =B4crowds=B4of christian: one =
the earth and one in the ruling heaven.)

Hope these references will maybe be of some interest.

Torgrim Hoff

Institute and Museum of Anthropology
University of Oslo, Norway