Re: Jehovah's Witnesses

Teresa Underwood (S20060@FORTLEWIS.EDU)
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 23:14:10 -0600

Hi, Joel
You're research topic sounds fascinating. As a former JW I felt compelled
to answer...A little about myself. I am currently asenior in Anthropology,
but about 10 years ago, I left the JW's after being in the organization
since my late teens. Although I can't give much info on their current
practices, I may be able to help you out anyway.
Regarding their practices in other countries, I would encourage you
to read their Yearbooks. When I was a member, they were publishing these, but
I'm not sure if they still do, although, as a source of daily inspiration, I
would find it hard to believe that they had discontinued. Anyway, the Yearbooks
typically included accounts of the Witnesses worldwide, with accounts both
for the current year, and historically, of selected countries each year.
Another excellent book is "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz,
former member of the Governing Body of JWs. There are many books out their,
oops, there by disgruntled former members, that are of not much value except
to flame the JWs, but when I read Franz's book, I was struck by his
sincerity, and dismay about his career with the organization. He includes a
couple of chapters on JW procedures in foreign countries, showing major
contradictions in their principles.
I can't write too long tonight, but I will be fascinated to hear more
from you about your research. In fact, I was considering doing some research
for my senior project in medical anthropology about JWs and the blood
transfusion issue.
BTW, my oldest son is named Joel, born during my JW days. The name means
"Jehovah is God".