Environmental anthropology

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This is the Table of Contents of the FAll 1995 issue of Practicing
Anthropology, hope it will be useful.
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3 Applied Anthropology in Environmental Education
5 Shapin Environmental Education Practices
11 Strengthening Academic and Community Ties through Schools
1 5 Undergraduates, Energy, and Culture
Jean S. Forward and Frank Williams

1 7 Rules of the Game: Nontechnical Guides to Environmental Health
Lynette Benson

22 Environmental Education for Automotive Personnel in Mexico
Lenora Bohren

25 Educating Natural Scientists about the Environment
A. C. Roosevelt

29 Towards an Environmental Anthropology
Barbara Rose Johnston

2 Washington Watch: A Quiet Revolution to Protect the Environment

3 1 Letters: Who Should Practice Anthropology?

33 Sources

35 For Your Information

36 Index, Volume 17, 1995