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Joel Elliott (elliott@EMAIL.UNC.EDU)
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 00:47:14 -0500

i'm writing my dissertation on the jehovah's witnesses and would love to
correspond with anyone who has observed the witnesses outside an
anglo-american cultural context. i'm esp interested in how they negotiate
issues of race, ethnicity and nationalism, and generally in how they
negotiate local/regional demands in what appears to be a kind of global /
transnational subculture. also: if you would be interested in, e.g.,
attending a witness meeting and sharing your observations, perhaps we
could work out some kind of trade that would be mutually beneficial?

i'm in digest mode, so my responses will be delayed by a few hours unless
you send mail directly to me (or CC: my address when you post).

one of the most helpful works on the JWs based on ethnographic work was:

lee r. cooper, "'publish' or perish: negro jehovah's witness adaptation to
the ghetto," in *religious movements in contemporary america*, ed. i.i.
zaretsky and m.p. leone, pp. 700-21. princeton u. p., 1974.

does anyone happen to know lee r. cooper or his whereabouts?




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