Disease in NW?

Sat, 4 Nov 1995 15:45:46 EDT

JS>Hello out there. I am looking for some sources concerning transmission of
JS>diseases to Native Americans from European explorers. Any ideas out there?
JS>Thank you in advance.

Hi ... My name is Pablo Canano and I am undegraduate at History in
I had read a book fro Rughiero Romano, called The Conquest of
America, he says that the spanish use three things to overhelm the
americans : Faith, sword, hungry; and in this book on of its chapter
he talks about the diseases. Ohter kind of licterature, althuogh is a
little differnet from what you said, are the voyagers from the
ninetheen century, they talk about the diseases but the ones wich were
normal for the society that they are living, and completely strange for

I'll look for the original tittle of the book and post it for you

[] Pablo Canano