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William M. Loker (wloker@RA.MSSTATE.EDU)
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 16:47:49 -0600

Anthro list folks:

I tried to post this earlier, but don't know if it ever got through.
Then I was booted off the list for awhile and just got back on ...

I am organizing a session for the SfAA in Baltimore this April. The
session will focus on the multiple crises affecting campesino communities
in Latin America. By campesino communities I mean rural areas where
many/most households make their living through a combination of production
of basic grains, limited cash cropping and off-farm labor. I see the
crises as multiple: economic, ecological and social caused by
ill-conceived development policies, population growth, farming of marginal
lands inducing land degradation, etc. I am looking for people who wish to
address these issues in one of several ways. Either (1) documenting
crises in particular communities (case studies) including household
survival strategies pursued in the face of changing economic/ecological
circumstances, (2) case studies of succcessful development efforts that
have enhanced the ecological sustainability of farming practices and
helped raise incomes or otherwise improved living standards (includes
agricultural efforts as well as rural industries, other schemes), (3)
someone willing to look critically at the environment and international
security discourse which views these multiple crises as an international
security issue, as discussed by Homer-Dixon, Kaplan (Atlantic Monthly, The
Coming Anarchy) and others, and its relevance to these issues.

Geographically I am interested in Latin America-based work, including
Central America, the Andean region, lowland South America and the
oh-so-special case of Mexico ....

If you are interested in participating in this session I need to know
*RIGHT AWAY* as the formal deadline for submissions is past, but I have
gotten a brief extension from the Program Chair. I have a few
contributors lined up already but am looking for a couple more good
papers to round out the session.

Please respond off-list.

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