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The online version of the Oxford English Dictionary we have access to here
lists the following early uses of the term (which do sound more or less

Brit, sb.[3] Colloq. shortening of BRITON sb. 1 c or BRITISH(ER. Also attrib.
or as adj.
1901 LINESMAN Words by Eyewitness (1902) 62 The Brit is at his old game. 1948
P. WYNDHAM LEWIS Let. 3 June (1963) 443 Are you trying to fool the Brit
Public..? 1961 S. PRICE Just for Record viii. 69 Your working-class Brit is a
glutton for celebrities. 1969 R. PETRIE Despatch of Dove II. 106 Goddam Limey!
You're a Brit.

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