Announcing A New Mailing List

Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:02:40 -0500

A few weeks ago I noted that the American Cultural Resources Association
(ACRA) would soon begin its own listserv. We wanted to do this to provide a
place for people interested in our lobbying efforts, etc. to meet and discuss
issues. It was also intended to keep our long posts to a minimum, but still
get the word out when a crisis arises in D.C.

We are now announcing our new listserv, ACRA-L.

To subscribe send this message:

subscribe acra-l

To this address:

Check us out. This list will not be like your average, garden variety,
discipline focussed list. We will be discussing subjects that all of us, no
matter what discipline we are in, no matter whether we work for a university,
a governmental agency or a private firm, have in common. We may not always
agree (and so far we have not!), but we are all affected by the real world
out there, and that's what we will be discussing.

Hopefully, our discussions will not be academic (in either the literal or the
figurative sense). We hope that people will actually take action based on
what they read on our list. This is an activist list, or at least as
as a list can be.

Those of us who belong to ACRA want results, practical
solutions, hard data upon which to base day to day decisions about our
businesses, our employees and our clients. Few of us are wallflowers, but
all of us know that splitting hairs and having a thin skin do not get you
very far in the real world. Everyday, we have to make decisions, often based
on insufficient data, that we have to live with for the duration of a
contract and where our houses and incomes are often on the line. We know
that we
have to see the other person's point of view and work out a solution that is
agreeable to a variety of interests, yet still protect the resource.

Currently, we are discussing the differences between non-profit organizations
and for-profit companies. Needless to say, fur is flying.

ACRA-L is also an excellent place to advertise your desire for work or to
look for people to fill a position. Most of the participants are owners,
officers or upper level management in their companies.

Tom Wheaton
Executive Director
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