Re: Korean Shamanism

Pauline Shafer (pali@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 07:38:55 -0800

Hi every one! Thanks for your replies. Yesterday I discovered the East
Asia library on campus. I found both Kendall and many others that look quite
good. One even that focuses on the use, influences of the folk music in
rituals in Korea. However, I've not yet found the YoungSook Kim book,
either it's already out or is in Korean, so looks like a myriad of other
books on the shelf I couldn't utilize.

I don;t know if my prof would accept Shaman's Drum as a viable resource.
I actually have the one with a Korean Shamaness on the cover, but
truthfully I just assumed it to not be a source I could use in an academic
paper, however I am going to inquire.

The prof is doing a grad seminar on Gender in Religion next quarter so I
should be able to benefit from my efforts on this paper, with that class!

Again, thanks! There are many suggestions I am going in search of today!

Pauline Escudero-Shafer

PS: One guy who responded said he is investigating the uses of
non-Western medicine in Korea and had not found anything. I replied to
him that my mom's use ( I am 1/2 Korean, 1/4 Apache, 1/4 Mexican) of
non-taditional medicines was largely Chinese. Is that other people's
experience? She gets prepackaged Chinese herbal treatments at the Korean
stores. There are some concoctions she makes up herself that are buried
in the backyard (imagine my adolescent embaressment!), maybe those are
non-Chinese influenced.