aaa and activism

Tue, 29 Nov 1994 15:24:53 CST

In I think it was 1985, I proposed that the AAA adopt a reolution
favoring a freeze on development of nuclear weapons. Walter Goldschmidt
argued, before a crowd of thousands of anthropologists, that it was not
the business of the AAA to take a position; I replied that taking no
position was, in effect, to take a position in tacit support of what was
happening. The membership then voted overwhelmingly to support the
resolution. Later, the AAA was attacked, along with other scholarly
associations, by conservative commentators for this and other outrages.
Now I am surprised to find myself somewhat sympathetic with the content,
though not the tone, of L. Hendrickson's response. Yet ten years ago, I
would have come down firmly with A. Fox. I look forward to hearing more
argument; for now, I am puzzling over how and why I have changed so
much.--Bob Graber