Forwarded: Re: Forwarded: Re: Protest of Prop. 187 politics in

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 07:54:27 PST

Response to Mr. Nims-

> = Todd N. Nims posting of Nov 26

>Sorry...but I take it that you dont agree with what this individual
>says. That is fine and dandy, I have no idea what they said, but as an
>educated individual dont you think it is more appropriete to answer,
>refuse, refute, agree, disagree, or argue your feelings on the matter in
>an intelligent manner than to scoff and insult somebody for their beliefs
>or even the position they take?
Yes, I do agree, and that applys to both sides of the issue as
well the our discussions of it. Much of the opposition to the
issue in this forum could be characterized by your description as
an attempt to "scoff and insult". The facts are getting lost in
the shuffle. As you said, "education and enlightment is not
about screaming that (something) is wrong but exploring all
aspects of what is said".