Fox's right to anthro-l

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Wed, 23 Nov 1994 08:42:34 EDT

We have had numerous posts in the past that have seemed less appropriate
for the list than that of Mr. Fox. He was attempting to reach other
anthropologists on an issue that was interesting to some anthro-l members,
if not all. if you do not like a post, then delete it. i personally
feel he acted in good faith in this matter. moreover, since the prop
had been mentioned in several posts prior to his message, he was not
creating a new thread, merely adding to an existing one.

I, however, do take great exception to many inflamatory and often
libelous posts made by people about others on this list. I do think
that this sort of trash should be allowed. If you cannot agree with someone
(and no one suggests you should), then state your opposition as a scholar
should - calmly, logically, and as a "gentle person" should, politely.
People who "flame" others just make themselves look like fools.
And to misquote some famous person, "Why should [we} countenance fools?"