Medical Anthropology

Cheryl Williams (cwilliam@LUNA.CAS.USF.EDU)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 21:02:28 -0500

Let me begin by stating that I am an undergrad with two semesters left in
anthropology. I have an interest in the field of medical anthropology,
however I am still researching the methods of a medical anthropologist,
to gain a better understanding of all what the field includes. Presently,
I am trying to complete a paper and I am desperate for immediate feedback on
the following issues, from a medical anthropologist... or anyone with their

1. An application of what type of work a medical anthropologist does
( I have read many journal articles, etc. But I want to know some
of your direct areas of study; like a survey.

2. How much medical training? How much about medicine is really known.

3. Practical interest to medical anthropologists: Immigrant
medical systems, why? Others?

4. How does ethnomedicine relate?

I hope that this is not too much to ask. I am looking forward to hearing
from anyone, soon! You can reply on the list if you want to educate
everyone else, or to me personally
Thank you in advance,

Cheryl Williams
Anthropology USF
Tampa, FL
PS: I am so excited, this is the first time I have ever sent a message to
the list.... after reading everything on it for two semesters!