Re: ethnographic datum re Jewish parenting strategies

Cal Eastman (shiva@FREENET.SCRI.FSU.EDU)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 01:22:27 -0500

my parents went through the holocaust, they are both polish jews.
Historially in europe the jews could not own real property, and when
threy did own it it was usually taken away in some pogrom , crusade, or
other civicly minded action. SO as a whole they had to learn to value the
things the , as my mother would say , "cossaks and nazis cant take away
from you." This is a major reason for the high stress on education in
jewish families. It is also clearly an outgrowth of the talmudic study ,
which in turn grew from teh killing of teh priests, which left teh
re;ligion and the culture in teh control of teachers (rabbis) instead of
priests (cohanim)

Boom shiva
mahalinga nataraj
(puffiness 4evah)