Impact of U.S. technology on non-U.S. cultures

Thu, 17 Nov 1994 21:25:15 -0500

I am interested in the ways that US technology becomes a
cultural presence in non-U.S./non-western cultures. In
particular, the effects of space shuttle landing site on the
hosting culture in Banjul, the Gambia.
I'm looking for references, pointers, databases, anecdotes, etc.
in regards to this area of concern.
Major themes: guest-host relationships, the appearance of images of
the technology in the local material culture, the ways in which
US technicians communicate the nature of their projects to the
hosting communities.
Feel free to email me directly. I'm collecting this information
for bibliographic/research purposes and will (hopefully) soon
be in a position to post a clearly laid-out list of sources for
Thank you,
Liam Buckley