Re: Lee Cronk's y'all (11/16)

Thu, 17 Nov 1994 19:33:20 -0600

On Thu, 17 Nov 1994, carter pate wrote:

> Lee's "y'all" is an inclusive expression which a Southerner can appreciate, es
> pecially as coming from a Yankee! But one branch of my family, Texas mixed
> with a bit of Kansas Yankee, has long used "you guys" as inclusive on gender.
> I'd swear I've heard women address it to primarily (if not exclusively)
> feminine groups. Maybe there's a range of variation on such things, and we cou
> ld use a small does of relativity here!
> cpate
Just thought I'd add a bit to this, I dont think it is just "you guys"
that is inclusive on gender but just "guys" as well. I know that this is
pretty much true all over Kansas. I use it without even thinking and it
doesn't matter what the gender make-up of the group is.