nutritional anthropology

Judith Kulig (kulig@HG.ULETH.CA)
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 13:29:37 MST

I am a nurse with a background in anthropology. I am currently working on a
large project with economists and demographers focusing on the effects of
global warming on agriculture. The specific aspect that I am focusing on is
nutritional trends or transitions around the world. For example, is there
is completed research that documents the change of people's diets to other
grains or foodstuffs that are not indigenous to their country., (the change
of rice to wheat and so forth). Inter-related to this is the movement of
large corporations (such as MacDonals's KFC) and what effect this has on the
people's diets. If anyone has conducted (or is conducting) any such
research, I would appreciate hearing from you. The geographic location is
not limited but I believe that this topic will have been addressed in certain
areas and not others. If readers of this list have key references they can
point me to I would also appreciate that. Please contact me directly
at Thank you. Judith Kulig, School of Nursing Univeristy
of Lethbridge Lethbridge Alberta Canada