NAUTARCH Inaugural Message (fwd)

Tue, 15 Nov 1994 17:34:39 EST

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Dear Colleagues:

The nautical/maritime archaeology mailing list is now fully functional,
and available for appropriate posting. The address for posting to this
list is:

I would like to thank Scott Yelich, System Administrator at the Santa Fe
Institute for setting up the list for us, and to the Institute itself for
its willingness to host NAUTARCH on its system. We also owe a debt of
gratitude to the Submerged Cultural Resources Unit of the U.S. National
Park Service for sponsoring development of NAUTARCH.

If you have received this message, you are already subscribed to the
list, and need do nothing further except read your mail.

For those who are NOT already subscribed by virtue of having responded to
our solicitation several weeks ago, please send the briefest possible
message requesting that you be subscribed to:


To UNsubscribe, please send a brief note to that effect to this same address.


It is, essentially, a mailing "alias", and as such has few of the
automatic features of a traditional listserver. This means that
administrative requests such as subscribing and UNsubscribing must be done
manually, and there are NO such commands as SET NOMAIL, etc. Please be
patient when requesting something, as a real HUMAN must attend to your
request ... which we'll do as efficiently as possible. Again, direct
personal requests to to avoid it being
posted to the entire list.

Please spread the word to colleagues with an interest in nautical/maritime
archaeology. I am confident that the level of discourse will be high, and
that the list will be devoid of the acrimonious interactions which often
characterize many lists and newsgroups. It is really exciting that at last
there is an electronic forum for our field.

Welcome to NAUTARCH!

Richard C. Cassin, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Ocean Sciences Research Institute
San Diego, CA, USA