Re: qualifying nudism

Mon, 14 Nov 1994 10:12:25 -0700

> Why would they want to change the name? I think it's an excellent name,
> but then I am a nudist (although I prefer the term naturist).
> > Makes for racey answering machine messages, i.e. "Hi. We met at the nudist
> What is racey about nudist or nudism?
> The clothing compulsive culture in the US, as well as other cultures,
> have a real problem with body shame, or lack of body acceptance, and an
> irrational blind conformity to society's temporary fashions and rules.
> This was not aimed at Sarah but at society in general.
> I would like to do some anthropological research on nudism/naturism,
> but I am a bit biased on the subject. Although, field work wouldn't be
> a problem.

Well, Paul, I'd have to agree, you are a tad biased. I wouldn't assume,
if and when you launch your native research, that linking eroticism or
"raciness" to nakedness necessarily derives from shame or lack of body
acceptance. Some might argue that we
so accept the nature of bodies (in late-capitalist US, anyway; context
context) that
we'd hate to see them stripped of zip by becoming overly "normalized"
into banal neutrality.

I can't speak for those Aussies, however (NUD*IST's creators). Perhaps they
have their own motives for thinking the name should be changed.

Cheers, Sarah Hautzinger