On Becky Joseph, Flinn, and Jewish success

mike salovesh (T20MXS1@MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU)
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 16:39:00 CST

Becky Joseph says she's relieved we're off Blacks and Asians and on
Jews now. Sarcastically, of course. Then she asks "what next?"

Some jokes are too good to let die, even though they offend anyone's
sensibilities in their raw form. Some of those old Polish jokes were
neat--if you didn't happen to be Polish.

I decided they could all be recycled with nobody feeling bad. All
you have to do is substitute one word for "Pole", or "Greek", or
"Hungarian", or "Black", or "Indian". Like instead of saying "Did
you hear the one about the Hungarian who ..." you substitute my
magic word and the story probably works just as well.

What's my magic word? DEAN. As in "How many deans does it take to
empty an office building? Well, if you let just one of them in they
will take care of that . . . How many deans does it take to FILL an
office building? If you let just one of them in, they take over
everything in sight."

Nobody would rise to the defense of a dean. Even deans hate them.

Oh, you mean all that talk about Blacks, Asians, and Jews WASN'T
a joke? Who could take it seriously?

mike salovesh <SALOVESH@NIU.BITNET>