Obsidian Bibliography

Craig Skinner (skinncr@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 16:46:29 -0800


The International Association for Obsidian Studies (IAOS) electronic
bibliography is available to any and all interested parties tuned in
to ANTHRO-L. The bibliography consists of over 3,000 obsidian-
related references in a text file, a DOS search utility, and a DOS
hypertext user shell.

Curt Beck writes in the Journal of Field Archaeology (1993, p. 358):
"The advantage of a computer-searchable bibliography over a hard copy
is so considerable that anyone with even a tangential interest in
obsidian studies will want to acquire the disk".

The obsidian bibliography is distributed by the IAOS for use by members
and other persons interested in obsidian research. The bibliography may
be freely copied and distributed and is available on the Internet by
Anonymous FTP at the Simtel file archive (oak.oakland.edu/hypertext/
obsidian.zip) and other numerous Simtel mirror sites (e.g., archive@orst.

The bibliography represents a fairly comprehensive and very interdisci-
plinary sampling of the available obsidian-related literature. We
focused our search on published materials, a liberal selection of
government agency reports, Master's theses, Ph.D. dissertations, and
references caught in keyword searches of many online university library
catalogs and the GeoRef and National Technical Information Services (NTIS)

A paper verion, distributed as IAOS Occasional Paper No. 1, is available
at no charge to all current and new members of the IAOS.

--------- The International Association for Obsidian Studies ----------

The International Association for Obsidian Studies (IAOS) was formed in
1989 to provide a forum for obsidian researchers throughout the world.
Major interest areas of the IAOS include obsidian hydration dating,
obsidian characterization ("sourcing"), geoarchaeological obsidian studies,
obsidian and lithic technology, and the prehistoric procurement and
utilization of obsidian.

If you would like information about the IAOS, please contact:

Secretary-Treasurer, IAOS
Department of Anthropology
San Jose State University
San Jose, California 95192-0113

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