Re: Race, Brain Size, and IQ

Stephanie Wilson (swilson@BIGCAT.MISSOURI.EDU)
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 15:24:20 -0600

On Sun, 30 Oct 1994, J. Philippe Rushton wrote:

> Rushton Replies to David James Russell
> ... However it is an often made mistake to think that because there is
> enormous variation within groups that significant and reliable group differences
> cannot emerge. Of course, they can and do, all the time. Consider
> height in men and women. Men average taller than women but there is
> enormous variation in height within men and women. Danish women are taller
> than Yanomamo men but this does not alter the average male>female ordering
> in height.

But this difference in height/size is also dependent on nutrition
levels. Many people in developing countries are smaller because of poor
diets. In many cases, descendents of immigrants from these countries to
industrial countries end up being much bigger than their parents and/or
grandparents because of richer diets. This happens within one or two
generations and, thus, cannot be the result of genetic mutation or

As for women being shorter/smaller than men in most cultures, you still
have not answered the question from a previous post (I can't remember
from whom) about whether men are thus more intelligent than women
according to your book.