Request for Information about Indonesia

Page Stephens (aa325@CLEVELAND.FREENET.EDU)
Tue, 9 Nov 1993 14:08:05 -0500

A friend of mine who is not online recently me the following

"Something I just read, published in 1991, said that 'a few years
ago' Newsweek reported that Indonesian political leaders and
educated people were involved with magicians."

If anyone knows of any reference in Newsweek or for that matter
any other magazine, journal, etc. to this subject would you please
send me a reference so that I can forward it to my friend via
snail mail.

Since I am still as per my last upload busy trying to get a few
articles written I still have anthro-l set to no mail so please
send your responses to my email address instead of uploading them
to anthro-l because in that case I will not receive them.

Thanking you in advance for your help I am,

Page Stephens

Page Stephens