Annual Review mystery

Dan Jorgensen (dwj@JULIAN.UWO.CA)
Tue, 9 Nov 1993 11:49:37 -0500

Traffic dwindling to a trickle on the net, a sure sign people are gearing
up for the AAA meetings.... Anyway, I seem to have the topic of deadlines
and stuff on the brain (trying to finish my work, trying to get my
students to finish theirs), and couldn't help noticing something funny in
the latest blurb I got from the Annual Reviews people.

They have been flogging the 1993 issue (Vol. 23) for months now, even
offering to make particular articles available through a document delivery
service ahead of the publication of the volume itself. But, now that the
volume is out, I can't help noticing that a substantial number of the
pieces originally advertized for the 1993 issue are now shown for the 1994
issue, or have dropped from sight altogether. Here are a couple of sets
of numbers, in case anyone is counting:

Number of articles announced for 1993 some months back: 32

Number of articles actually appearing for 1993: 18

Number of articles announced for 1994: 31

Number of articles that will actually appear in 1994: (you get to guess)

Isn't a casualty rate of 14/32 pretty steep, or is this normal for AR??
If not, do we point fingers at authors, editors, or both? Anyone got any
theories here?

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