Re: the Anthropological Avant-Garde

Christopher Brian Pound (pound@RUF.RICE.EDU)
Mon, 8 Nov 1993 14:16:44 -0600

> There is also a neat
> little summary of some of the history of this topic in a two-page article on
> George Marcus titled "The Anthropological Avant-Garde," published in a
> magazine titled SALLYPORT, August/Sept '93 issue, pp. 10-11. I think this
> must be the alumni magazine of Rice U.

Yes, you're right about the Sallyport being the alumni magazine, but the
article, despite the neat graphics ;), is riddled with errors. Most of the
info in it was taken or mis-paraphrased from the Provost's lecture George
gave here several years ago. I'll be happy to send you (or anyone else) a
copy of that lecture, if he says it's OK ... assuming you want it. :)

Chris Pound