A Summary of Post-Modernism

Sun, 7 Nov 1993 07:31:11 -0500

Date sent: 7-NOV-1993 07:23:52
An interesting, and very accessible, summary of what most refer to as post-
modernism can be found in an article by Jerry L. Martin, "The University as
Agent of Social Transformation: The Postmodern Argument Considered." It's
included in a collection called THE IMPERILED ACADEMY edited by Howard
Dickman (Transaction Publishers). On pages 207 to 211 he provides a
summary that is as clear and concise as any I've seen; I even shared it
with my undergraduate students. The only caution is that Martin is setting
it up to debunk it, although I think he does a fair job with the summary.
His debunking is less convincing in case you want to read the rest
of the article.

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