Ethnographic film distributors

Daniel Winfree Papuga (daniel.papuga@IMA.UIO.NO)
Sat, 6 Nov 1993 21:54:44 +0100

Mike Liben asked in ( on october 27:
>Does anybody here know where I can find a general listing of films/videos
>produced for educational use.


I don t know of any on-line catalogs. However, I do have a number of
catalogs from various ethnographic/anthropological film distributors, which
I use in planning the ethnographic film seminar that I have led the last
few years. The most widely distributed general list of films and
distributors is probably Karl Heider s "Films for anthropological
teaching" (Washington DC, American Anthropological Association), but the
latest copy that we have in our library is from 1983. Not all of the
distributors in that listing still have the same address. I ve had letters
returned from several of the addresses.

Here in the nordic countries, we have a film association that has a
collection of about 90 films which may be loaned out to member institutions
in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. (The member institutions
are primarily departments of anthroplogy at universities, and ethnographic
museums). Most of the films I use in my seminar come from here. NAFA also
arranges annual film conferances.

Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA)
Department of Ethnography and Social Anthropology
University of Aarhus, Moesgaard
DK-8270 H|jbjerg, Denmark
Tel +4586272433
Fax +4586270708

There are many other distributors of ethnographic films. Some of them with
large collections are:

Documentary Educational Resources
101 Morse Street
Watertown, Massachusetts 02172, USA
Tel +1617 9260491
Fax +1617 9269519
DER is the largest distributor of of ethnographic films that I know
of in the USA. Over 150 titles in their 1992 catalog.

University of California
Extension Media Center
2176 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704, USA
Tel +1510 6420460
Fax +1510 6438683
140 films for sale/rental to educational institutions. Does not
provide rentals or previews for international circulation.

Royal Anthropological Institute
50 Fitzroy Street
London W1P 5HS, UK
Tel +4471 3870455
Fax +4471 3834235
RAI has a collection of nearly 200 films which may be loaned for
teaching purposes within the UK. Loan of films to foriegn countries is
limited. RAI also offers over 30 videos for sale for non-commercial use in
both PAL and NTSC formats. They have published two annotated catalogs on
the films in the collection, with background information and

Institut fur den Wissenschaftlichen Film
Nonnenstieg 72
D-3400 Gottingen, Germany
Tel 0551 202204
Fax 0551 202200
IWF has an very large collection of films covering many scientific
fields which may be used for educational purposes in Germany. Their catalog
of ethnographic films from Asia alone is 160 pages long! Most of the titles
appear to be in 16mm.


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