New Feature: Owners' Corner

Fri, 5 Nov 1993 20:08:04 EST

Well, the season is changing and so is anthro-l! We are exploring
some ideas for enhancing the format of the list. This will not make
much of a difference for most of you. Anthro-l will still be
unmoderated and open to all. However, we will be adding a few new
features, starting with this "editorial".... Every month we hope to have
a short editorial spot. we don't plan to write these all myself, so we
hope that those we contact will be receptive to submitting something.
For example, there have been some interesting discussions of where
anthropology is headed as a discipline that could be summarised. Or an
opinion piece would make a dandy start to one of those interesting
debates (but North Dakota may not be a very high priority). We also are
writing to publishers in search of books to review. We hope you will
agree that anthro-l provides an excellent medium for book (and software)
reviews. Another area we would like to see covered on anthro-l is
current research. All of you out there who are working on interesting
research are invited to send a summary to the list. Finally, we are
looking into setting up the anthro-gopher here at Buffalo. we think that
this database (which is regrettably still locked in its infancy) would
run very well linked to anthro-l. So, we welcome all comment on this
transformation. Please send commments to us here at antowner@ubvm, and
if anyone wants to write next month's "editorial", give a shout!

Hugh Jarvis & Ezra Zubrow

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