LA Fire Update re- John O'B

Steve Maack (steve_maack@QMBRIDGE.CALSTATE.EDU)
Thu, 4 Nov 1993 10:40:24 U

John O'Brien, ANTHRO-L correspondent in Indiana, has heard from his
daughter in Woodland Hills, California and tells me she is fine. Just
before I read his message, I finally got smart and called the daughter's
grandmother at the bookstore she owns (John had given me the name of the
bookstore and the grandmother, and 411 information provided the store
telephone number). The grandmother is at her store as I write this. She
said that the fire started about a mile from them, and headed toward the
ocean (apparently away from them). She said it was "awe inspiring." The
bookstore, the daughter's residence behind it, and the two women are just
fine. All is still well in L.A. with anthropologists and their families in
relation to the fire, as far as I can tell. Yours for the study of family,
community in the contemporary U.S., and "community" in cyberspace ; - >
Steve Maack