Dan Foss and the AAA

Tue, 2 Nov 1993 17:14:15 CDT

Steve Maack, and all those others who provided information on where and
when AAA (not Alcoholics Anonomyous) is meeting. Thank you.

Steve, message received . . . I'm chilled. I appologize for being so
fired up about the idea of censorship, but the issue is important to me.
Academic freedom (any kind of freedom for that matter) is far too
precious and far too much under attack these days, with far too many calls
from left and right and center to silence anything that doesn't fit into
the ideology or personal belief system. It isn't even politically correct
these days to assert that one doesn't agree with the new debtors prison
laws (incarcerating parents who don't pay child support, until it is paid),
the idea that second hand smoke is not sufficiently tested to assert that
it is a major health hazard, and should thus be banned, or the idea that
intellectuals have the right to say what they think. I even fell prey to
it by wanting to silence the callers for censoring Dan.

Mia culpa