class persecutors with no class or:

Sun, 31 Oct 1993 23:37:58 EST

...How to tell a professional from ordinary mentally retarded!

Ruby, Oswald, and JD Tippett were sitting around the table playing regular
Wednesday Night poker game via Telnet which allows you to be n minus k plus one
factorial people at once.

"We got nothing down on Chaos, zilch on Post-anything, and the word is gonna
get around."
"Let's do Foss again, be sure always use the name Foss Foss Foss which sets
him up, otherwise it'd be nothing but TS Elitot's cat. Once you can almost feel
the loss of temper, you go on to this year's version of, "If he belonged here,
he'd be living in our neighborhood."

"Gimme the keyword for this operation."


"Why boring? If you start accusing him of boring, you know perfectly well
who they gonna hang the boring onto for real."

"Lookit, it don't matter [deleted] he can write and we can't, because the
five-letter four-letter word, I'm talkin' CLASS, changes all facts to come out
how you need 'em, however. From anything to anything and everything else. No

"You mean, how he keeps saying out front he aint no PRO-fessional like real
ones such as us which means we."

"He say, he aint anything WHUT-all, cuz he is not being paid to be an
anything, he says. Human Garbage, his own words. By which he proves that them
what is below the lowest of the low can not only commit written acts, but even
can fake smartness by using a few simple principles of faking it, without no
hard math formulas, even. Dangerous. Say, I'm no better than you, you no better
than him, all of us no better than wimmin. What's that make anybody?"

"Right! We gotta act fast to kill this thing before this primitive symbolic
protest turns into a signifier of a primitive symbolic protest. Before you know
it, there aint gonna be enough shmatas in Dallas to mop up all the counter-
hegemonic dirt."

"What's shmatas, Ruby?"

"If you was Jewish ya'll'd know that membership got its privileges."

"You digress. What except tween us'n, is un-PRO-fessional. If I wanna start
a barroom brawl with gunplay, specially, I call out somebody for tangential-

"If'n you aint PRO-feshernal, excep'n in football, whatever you say is
boring, ta git back ta whaddeverdahell is what I was sayin', which I wasn't
takin' no interest in when sayin' it. BEE-cuz, it's of no PER-fress-yonal
interest. Makin' it boring, and as side benefit, raising my smartness and
lowerin' yourn."

"Raise you five. This is a poker game, 'member?"

"Boring is just the start. He aint PRER-fusional, like we'un, makes him
automatically stupid. Requiring for getting his screeds raad, him gotta put
jokes in 'em, an' every loyal armenian knows ya kint have no real jokes till
they got said on television. Why they got a bar in every TV set. Keep em
laffin an' lappin it up. PREE-fabri-fessional gotta be SERioush, or it aint
no good. And BORING toppa dat. "No theoretical interest," the ultimate killer
line. Remindin' me we gotta foss ta kill."

"Whaddabout JFK?"

"Nothing certain as Death and Texas. We godagoddam twoferone sale in this
yer state."

"Kennedy, way I see it, anyhow, got low priority behind all that money. What
we want is a monoclassal homogeneous white male envayamint, the armenian way.
First things first."

"And foss aint even male."

"Keerekt. Walked out of the male gender role when Ronald Reagan negotiated
a sweetheart contract for the Screen Actors Guild!"

"Let's kill, men!"

"How you send hot lead over the Internet? Seems like the flaw in the
ointment, ya askin me...."

Daniel A. Foss
"And we will win!"
"You may win, white man, but on accounta 'socially consdquential body parts,'
I, Daniel A. Foss, am theoretically nonwhite, so count me out of your
democratic process. How come, I wanna know, I can't flee to Canada?"
"But they ALWAYS had Them in Canada, even more so with NAFTA!"
"Fels Nafta is good stuff for killing moths, you know?"

[STARTING TOMORROW: Pointless boredom without even the least pretense of
content. Why suffer? Why try at all? Why bother? Do things the loyararmenian
way, who ever noticed.]