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Fri, 31 May 1996 16:32:39 -0500

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Robert Thornton wrote:
> Jon Patore asked:
> >> Thank you Carolyn for your answer, but, again, please excuse my
> >> ignorance: what is "feminist paradigm"?
> and Carolyn Martin replied:
> > I'm not even going to touch that one, for a few days, anyway.
> > What do they teach them in these schools?
> It is a shame that just when every one was behaving so nicely,
> feminism rears it head and John gets a snotty reply to a perfectly
> valid question. What is it about this feminism that creates this
> atmosphere of anger and distrust?!

Feminism did not "rear its head." Sexism and ignorance did, and
feminism responded. I made a point of refraining +from+ snottiness by
declining to give a direct answer, and still am accused of "snottiness".
(As compared to some of John's replies?!)

I'm glad that some pro-feminist people on list aren't as ticked as
I am about this, and have given calmer answers; I'm just having a hard
time believing that those in the field of anthropology have so little
knowledge of one of the most basic modern philosophies. At least John and
Robert admit it! Those who think they already know, and have been
misinformed, are worse.

Suffice to say, equating feminism with "man-hating" is tantamount
to equating the Civil Rights Movement with Colin Ferguson (the LIRR
gunman who shot down whites in the name of "oppression").

Christiana, if you're still out there, I am so glad you asked your
question. It looks as though I'll be moving to a fem. anthro list myself,
in order to escape ridicule for being a member of a liberation movement
that endorses the enfranchisement of half the world's population.

Carolyn Martin

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