Fonts and such

allen lutins (alleycat@SPECTRA.NET)
Thu, 30 May 1996 11:39:16 GMT

Kristian wrote:

>I wish to thank all those that responded to my inquiry concerning
>multinational and phonetic fonts for Word 6.0. The advice was of great
>assistance and has spared me tremendous aggravation !

...could you please post a synthesis of the messages you received? ...i
only saw one response to the group as a whole (so i therefore assume you got
private e-mail responses as well), and it simply mentioned a WWW site where
fonts could be obtained...but your original message seemed more an inquiry
into what *software* could be obtained to make your *own* fonts, which is
something i (and probably others) am very interested in...thanks!


allen "alley cat" lutins
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