Re: feminist anthropology list(s)?

holly martelle hayter (martelle@EXECULINK.COM)
Wed, 29 May 1996 21:28:59 -0400

Hello John Pastore

Feminist anthropology happens to be older than postmodern and
reflexive (if you will) anthropology - and surely you know what that is. Go
back to Slocum 1970 "Male-Bias in Anthropology" and beyond for its
beginnings. A suggestion that others on this list often make to those who
ask these types of questions is - use the library - go there - look up
feminist and then feminist anthropology and see what you find. Reading the
material on your own is the best answer.

P.S. It won't appear in many "history of anthropology" or "anthropological
theory" texts, so you'll have to get knee deep in feminism to find out.

Holly Martelle Hayter

At 02:13 AM 5/29/96 +0000, John Pastore wrote:
>On 29 May 96 at 9:42, Christiana Miewald wrote:
>> Sorry if this is off the topic, but I was wondering if anyone knew
>> of lists that deal specifically with feminist anthropology? I'm
>> looking for help with a paper on beauty pageants. Thanks.
>Feminist Anthropology? Excuse my ignorance, but may I ask: what is
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