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For Theory of IR List subscribers' interest....

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A Call for Nominations

Discussion and detailed analysis of the linkages between trade,
environment and development have been going on in various
intergovernmental bodies, in some cases for more than five years.
However, all this discussion and analysis has not yet led to the
formulation and implementation of balanced and integrated policies. An
independent panel of international experts on trade, environment and
development could accelerate the formulation and implementation of
policies which integrate these objectives.

The funds necessary to establish and operate such a panel for one year
have been raised by WWF from 5 environment and 3 development
cooperation ministries. The panel will have 18 seats distributed equally
(ie six each) among trade, environment and development experts
working in their personal capacities. Within each core area the seats will
be shared out between current and former government or
inter-governmental officials, non-governmental organisations and
academics/researchers (lawyers, economists and scientists).

The selection of panellists is crucial to the success of the panel.
Panellists will have to be balanced on North-South and regional bases.
Multidisciplinary policy experience and achieving a balance between
policy objectives and regions will be key selection criteria. This
international consultation process will be used to identify the panellists -
this e-mail\fax is the most important of this consultation process which
has been proceeding on a more informal basis over the last couple of

Could you please submit your nominations for panellists to:

Charles Arden-Clarke, WWF International, 1196 Gland,
tel.00 41 22 3649513;
fax 00 41 22 3645829; or
e-mail, and

by 14th June, 1996.

It would be helpful if you could include your reasons for nominating the
individuals you select (their experience\expertise, your contacts with
them, etc.).

This request is being widely distributed by fax and the e-mail networks
over the next two days. If you have access to a network could we
please ask you to post this consultation document on that

A brief description of the proposed work of the panel follows. If you
require further information on the panel please contact Charlie
Arden-Clarke or Delwyn Dupuis at the above addresses.

Work of Expert Panel on Trade and Sustainable Development

The panel will have a single overarching objective, to be pursued with
reference to three guiding tasks. The primary objective of the panel will
*the development of integrated policy instruments, or policy packages,
which harness trade to the objective of sustainable development.

In pursuing its major objective, the panel will seek to:
*make optimal use of the relevant work being done, by NGOs, academic
and other independent research and policy institutions, as well as
government and inter-governmental bodies;
*help to identify remaining gaps in the analysis and stimulate appropriate
bodies to fill them; and
*conduct public outreach and stimulation of public debate.

Implementation of any of the panel's recommendations will depend on
them being sufficiently balanced and innovative to attract governments
and intergovernmental bodies.

The panel will elaborate its mandate prior to and at its first meeting. The
focus should be on issues on which there is most need and scope for
developing innovative policy instruments or packages to solve trade,
environment and development problems. Much of the work of the panel
will be carried out between its meetings, supported, facilitated and
coordinated by the panel secretariat.

The panel will meet twice in its first year of operation - once in the
autumn of 1996 prior to the WTO Ministerial Meeting in Singapore
(December), and once more prior to the fifth meeting of the CSD in April
1997. Reports of the panel's work will be widely disseminated within the
official and NGO communities prior to each meeting. Another report will
be submitted after CSD 1997, and funding will be sought for extension of
the panel.

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