Dr Miklucho Maklay - Russian Anthropologist

Fri, 24 May 1996 14:42:19 GMT+0200

Eugenia Shanklin ("Anthropology and Race" 1994: 63-64 [Wadsworth
Publishing Co.]) quotes from AR Wallace's "Narrative" referring to
the above-mentioned Russian Anthropologist. Amongst other things
this seems to be the first or one of the first researchers (circa
1870-71) to be adamant about the fact that the only way to learn
something about the "natives" was to live with them "... and became
almost one of themselves". The quote continues with the need to
build rapport and then also how "The doctor" in fact did it.

Is anyone perhaps aware of anything published by Maklay? If he did
publish something about his views and research, it seems to my
colleague (Johan Booyens) and me that more should be made of it - at
least by way of reference within the history of Anthropology. This
is pre-Malinowskian stuff!


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