Maximum life span / Roy L. Walford

Tel +41 38 244 122 ("Raymonde)
Thu, 23 May 1996 14:45:20 +0200

Hello everybody! I urgently need the original text of "Maximum life span" / Roy
L. Walford (I only have the text in the French translation). It's in chapter 4
(in French "Mes theories preferees") and it begins : "Changer de paradigme
constitue, dans l'univers des sciences, une revolution" (something like that:
To change of paradigm constitutes a revolution in the universe of the
sciences") and I need the text of two paragraphs, the last one ending: "Leur
synthese peut permettre l'avenement de la revolution" (something like: its
synthesis may allow the arrival of revolution"). Please anybody who have this
text in English contact me! You can send the text via e-mail or make a
photocopy and send it by fax to:
Raymonde Wicky
Bibliotheque de l'Institut d'ethnologie

fax: + 41 38 24 14 47

Thanks in advance! It's for a publication and I need this original text
unavailable in the libraries in Switzerland.