Re: passing torch thru legs to yr generation w'out due cautio

Vance Geiger (geiger@PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU)
Tue, 21 May 1996 22:16:28 -0400

<believe it or not, this is an entirely serious post. It may
take time (it always does!) but everything I write here WILL

It's Too Late Venerable Near-Ancestor, It's Just Too Damn Late...

Daniel A. Foss, you're eloquence, erudition and prolificity (it
will be a real word someday, why not start now?) in conjunction
with the predisposition toward Ancestor Worship has already
ensured that "the bandwidth" will play on.

There is nothing you can do. The Foss-ilzation process has
already begun. All you can pass on to the next generation is a
legacy, a legend, soon to be... a religion. You are destined to
give people a reason to live, meaning in their lives.

There is nothing you can do.

Somewhere, some cowled, bespectecled cyber-monk is storing
everything you post on the internet. The hum of cooling fans
accompanies the storage of reels of magnetic tape punctuated
periodically by the chunking of a line printer turning bytes into
priceless time and date stamped hard-copy. The paper is fibrous
and water marked for easy authentication. The ink in the printer
is sourced from a unique lot, it is laced with radioactive

There must be no doubt that the words of the pages of hard-copy
are the original and unaltered words as posted by Daniel A. Foss.

In another room, nay cell, more cowled, bespectecled monks sit
hunched over keyboards. They run text searches, they cross
reference, they analyze, they synthesize, they produce "works in

"The Real Thingie: Transubstantiation in the Wisdom of Foss"

"The Thingie of It Is: Is IT Reification or My Body and My

"Foil or Boil: The Role of the Woman in the Writings of Daniel
Foss" or "Who and Why Was Stephanie Nelson."

"The Historical Foss."

"The Foss of PSN." "The Foss of ANTHRO-L"

"In the Steps of Foss." "Daily Meditations on Foss."

"The Posted Parables of Foss."

"The Whipping Post: Foss's Self-Sacrifice in the Service of Truth
on the Internet."
"The Stations of the Post."
"The Post on the Mount."
"Foss and Cyber Spiritual Warfare: Was IT Evil or Only Gil

Some of these will appear as big serious books. Some will appear
as little booklets you see in grocery store check-out lines.

I Repeat: There is Nothing You Can Do to Stop This!

Cyber-Cafes will be converted to Foss-a-leums. Acolytes will
come to read Foss in the "original" on computer screens. To
experience the "phosphorescent Foss." To write plaintive,
pleading, propitiating posts to the ancestral spirit of Foss
still living and vitalizing the internet.

We need ancestors, we need ancestral wisdom, we need to personify
the beginning. Foss will be credited with secretely inventing
the internet. The old idea that the RAND corporation and the DOD
had anything to do with the origins of the internet will become a
government cover-up, an internet "blue book." Some will say it
is all a myth. But strange coincidences will be found,
inexplicable coincidences, that could not be if Foss was not
there at the beginning.

I REPEAT AGAIN: There is Nothing You Can DO!

Physical objects will become imbued with the power of Foss.
Keyboards will produce "letters" that get posted, letters that
are both prophetic and revealing. Letters that will contain
hints at knowledge that could only come from Foss himself.
Recalcitrant computers, modems, fiber-optic cable will be
addressed in the name of Foss in the hopes that the ancestral
spirit of Foss will infuse them. People will take the name of
Foss in vain, cursing the recalcitrant even as they appeal to the
spiritual power.

Let me be clear: THERE IS NOTHING You Can Do.

You have already established a presence that transcends that
approachable by normals. There is no turning back, the post is
sent. You have gone too far, established too unique a presence
on this new (new now, but ancestors are always credited with
beginning tradition) medium of human communication. You have
given too much, we now own you. You cannot pass the torch to the
next generation, you have weilded it too long, we now weld it to
you... forever.


Ex Post Facto: There will also be an "anthropology of Foss" and
there is nothing that you can do about that either.

>From the scriptures: Ex Post Facto Facto: Into The Archives:
Daniel A. Foss hath written:

24-SEP-1993 04:34:38.13 From:MX%"DFOSS@CCVM.SUNYSB.EDU"

Subj:foreign unchristian imperils atonement for sin

As if fancying itself a Harrier bomber playing Sink the
Belgrano, an apparent self-deluded RCAF aircraft elided armenian
wadure (*) to perpetrate Darmstage upon this writer as minimal as
it is complicatedly confusing in that, in the selfevidentiality
of it all, it was consciously intended with malice aforethought
by the perpetrator that he she it should be utterly unconscious
of anything having been done or occurred, let alone its having
been motivated toward any end, even middle, be same Instrumental,
Vocal, or system default Expressive.


This is the stuff of immortality.

signed: Witness to H-story