Curt Yahnke (YAHNKE@IBM.NET)
Fri, 17 May 1996 05:46:02 PDT

in regard to the great flood, I am reminded of a visit of a Greek
intellectual (I believe it was Homer) to the Library at Alexandria in
Egypt, where the subject of the flood was discussed. In the writings
I read, Homer asked about the great flood and what was known. The answer
went some thing like this. "Oh, you are but a child. There have been three
floods". Perhaps others can elaborate on this, as there was more record of
this conversation.

At any rate this has caused me to wonder, were these floods really refrences
to snowfall? Perhaps Ice Ages or Mini Ice Ages? The reason I have thought of
this, is because we know these occurred and it is water, just not in the
form that we normally think of it. Comments?