NSF budget--again

John Cole. (jrc@TEI.UMASS.EDU)
Tue, 14 May 1996 18:07:15 -0400

Contrary to reassuring noises from the AAA posted here a couple of weeks ago,
the AAAS still thinks Congress is out to cut SBES. My May 3 issue of Science
arrived today. The budget article says the new authorization bill to be voted
on next week would "force NSF to to eliminate one of its seven directorates, a
move believed to be aimed at the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

Since the Committee LAST year SPECIFIED this cut, and the chairman has
publically called for it, why does the AAA tell everyone not to worry??
Granted, this outcome may be evaded again, but why on earth are they telling
members in effect not to contact their Reps?