Re: IBM software for the field?

Antoinette Errante (aerrante@MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU)
Sat, 11 May 1996 00:09:54 -0400

At 1:03 AM 5/11/96, Bobby Vaughn wrote:
>I'm going to rural Mexico this summer, and I'm taking a portable computer.
>Are there any favorite programs that you can suggest for keeping
>fieldnotes, etc.? I've heard about a program called Ethnograph. What
>does it do? Also, info. on how to purchase the software would be

You can purchase Ethnograph through Qualis Research Associates
[(412)256-8835.] I have found Ethnograph a very useful text management
program. It will first number each line of your text (say field notes,
interviews) You can then code segments of texts (you develop the coding
scheme). Segments of texts can be multiply coded. Ethnograph then offers
you various ways in which you can search your text for one to all coded

The last version (4.0) imakes it possible to code segments of text right
from the screen. I have used it on and off since 1988 and find it very
useful. The manual is well written (in 1988 I essentially learned how to
operate a PC with it) and I have found my contact with customer service
always very helpful.

I have also been playing with Nud*ist lately (don't have the info on it,
but it's available through Sage Publications). I have not played with it
long enough to be able to tell you what it does - and for my purposes, I'm
not convinced it's more helpful than Ethnograph.

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