Re: NC Outer Banks (info request)

Roy Roper (r-roper@UIUC.EDU)
Wed, 8 May 1996 14:37:21 -0600

The outer banks becomes more (much more) commercialized as you move from
south to north. I would suggest finding the ferry which takes you to the
southern tip of the outer banks, cross there, and move north. There were
hotels/motels on the southern tip a few years ago - and the population
density was not bad at all.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a good web page with the right information on
it. Ooops... try

You could email the and ask for the location of
the ferry from the southern tip perhaps.


At 5/8/96 08:29 AM -0600, Michael Cahill wrote--------:
>Friends: My wife and I are going to be traveling the East Coast from Florida
>to New York starting this Friday (5/10) and returning home next Tuesday. We
>plan to spend at least a day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Can
>anyone recommend a good place to stop for the night and maybe a good
>restaurant or two? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>Mike Cahill