... bring to a rolling boil...

Deus Ex Machina (X8H1@MUSIC.STLAWU.EDU)
Tue, 7 May 1996 00:04:08 EDT

Not to stir up anything again, but I must ask somebody who comprehends
it. What in the heck was the deal with the posting from Daniel Foss on
5/6/96? I was checking my mail in the midst of a break from studying
and I was left asking "What the hell?" I can't make heads or tails of
it, maybe I am just suffering from brain rot, but the this post actually
made less sense than Beavis and Butthead, to me anyway. Maybe it had a
point, but I must say that I can't even disagree or agree with it
'cause it ain't even ritten in proper english that I can rightly
understand or maybe that WAS the point? AHHHHH! The possibilites seem
endless. I gotta get back to english that's not so high falutin. Back
to those text books written in 9th grade english.

Matthew D. Joanis '98
St. Lawrence University
Anthropology (IS a science!)